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Company liquidation

Our firm has extensive experience in advising legal services related

to the incorporation and dissolution of companies.

The liquidation of a company refers to the set of transactions and procedures that a company must carry out in order to legally cease to exist. The process consists of three phases: dissolution,

liquidation and cancellation of their entries in the Mercantile Registry.

Dissolving a company does not imply that its legal personality is extinguished. The dissolution of a company does not always require the agreement of the members of the General Meeting,

it depends on the reasons that are accredited to dissolve it.

The next phase deals with the liquidation of assets and debts of the company.

The effects of the liquidation are the cessation of the powers of the administrators that happen to be in the hands of the liquidators and that the company loses its legal form.

To finish, the liquidators must deliver a public deed of extinction of the company in the Mercantile Registry and before a notary that includes the final liquidation balance sheet and the

list of partners with their instalments. In this way, the society will no longer exist.

We will advise you on all the procedures or legal processes framed within the legal, labour, tax and accounting laws.

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