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Company setup

Any company must have the legal form that best suits the activity to be developed, so it must assess many factors before constituting it.

Our first step is to know the ownership of the company if it is going to be a physical person (or individual entrepreneur) or a legal entity, and within this, the type of society that is considered most convenient to fulfil the purpose or objective of the society.

The constitution of a company is based on the existence of one or more persons, who commit themselves by contract to share the assets or work for the exercise of a business activity.

The objective of this activity may be to obtain benefits (mercantile companies) or to provide certain benefits to its members (such as cooperative societies), and it is necessary to meet certain formal requirements so that the company has full legal capacity, independent of that of its members.

If you wish to set up a company, our professionals will carry out all the procedures so that you do not have any problem in the realisation of your dream.

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