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When buying a house in Spain it is a good idea to employ a Solicitor to act on your behalf to over look the house purchase. 

The Law in Spain is different to that in other countries with regards to property purchases and it is better to use a Solicitor that understands and knows the Spanish Law. 
There can be many pit falls and problems with the paperwork and it is often costly and time consuming to deal with these after a property purchase is made. It is better to have things clear cut and correct before the sale. 
Using a Solicitor gives you the peace of mind and guarantees that the purchase goes ahead correctly and legally. 
The conveyancing process changes depending on what type of purchase is to be made i.e. newly built, piece land, house under construction, old property etc. each require different checks. 

Our solicitors will do the necessary searches on the property/land and make sure that it is free of debt and charges. Checks will be made that all the taxes have been paid up to date, that planning permission has been obtained, licences are held, Water and Electricity are supplied and connected, guarantees will be checked and much more.

We offer a comprehensive service including accompanying you to the Notary to sign the Title Deeds, we also deal with Land Registry and the payment of taxes.

The purchase of a house can be a big worry and we aim to make it as straightforward and as stress free as possible for you. 

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