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Making Notes


The dismissals for a worker can be arduous and unpleasant. For that reason, it is difficult to act calmly and to know all the points that caused the dismissal.

The settlement is one of those elements of any dismissal and should include:

The last month's payroll. Of course, the days worked in that month will be taken into account.
You also have to add extra payments that have not been charged. The worker is responsible for the prorated amount of the extra pay for the current year that is due to expire.
In addition, extra hours and add-ons that have not been calculated in the payroll have to be added.
If you have not enjoyed the holidays you must also include the amount of the days that correspond until the date of termination of the contract.
In case of compensation, the corresponding one must be included. This is the most controversial point since it depends on whether it is an unfair dismissal, objective, appropriate, etc.

If you have found any inaccuracy in the settlement and you do not agree with the way in which your company has acted in your dismissal, we advise you to contact our office and we will advise you.

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