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Wills and Inheritance

It is important to have a Will prepared in Spain to cover any of your Spanish assets whether you are a Spanish resident or not. 
It makes the whole process of Inheritance simpler and less costly for your heirs.  
If you do not have a Will to cover your assets in Spain your heirs will have a lot of trouble and expense, they will experience costly delays having your assets transferred. 
A grant of probate has to be first obtained from your own country and then officially translated into Spanish to be recognised. 

A correct Spanish Will makes the whole process less costly and more straightforward at a difficult time. 
Private International Law now allows you to use the Law of your nationality to govern your inheritance if you write this into your Will. This can make the whole Inheritance less complicated as it bypasses the complicated Spanish Inheritance Law regarding legitimate heirs. So even if you already have a Will we can check it for you and make sure it is correct for your needs.

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